Indigenous-Led Workshop Kicks Off Internet Installations for Achuar Communities in the Amazon

The workshop supported by Nia Tero was led by Indigenous technicians from Fundación Kara Solar in Achuar language. Photo: Kara Solar Foundation.

The Kara Solar Foundation trained four Achuar communities in Ecuador to increase connectivity and strengthen Indigenous guardianship.

The Sacred Essence of Blackfoot Culture

In this episode, you will spend time with a group of people from the Blackfoot Confederacy and will learn about Blackfoot Culture. Listen now!

Wayfinders’ Self-governance Systems are Key to Protecting the World’s Biodiversity by 2030

Rosemary Nabulwad and Conrad Maralngurra (Warkkeden Land Management, Australia) introduce the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area during the 15th Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal. Photo: David Rotschild.

Indigenous traditional knowledge and care for land make indispensable contributions to the Global Biodiversity Framework.

A Circle of Wisdom and Hope

Dean speech at the first in-person global gathering of the Wayfinders Circle in Achuar territory,

Members of the Wayfinders Circle embraced shared values and forged spiritual connections to tackle collective challenges in first in-person global meeting.

Tuhaymani’chi Pal Waniqa (The Water Flows Always) in the Mojave Desert

Film Directors of Tuhaymanichi Pal Waniqa in the Mojave Desert California

For this episode of Seedcast, let’s meet in the Mojave Desert in a spot where we can gaze upon Mamápukaiv, also known as the Old Woman Mountains.

The Blackfoot Confederacy Hosts Members of the Wayfinders Circle

Lauren Monroe Jr speaking during the Wayfinders Circle Gathering on Blackfeet Territory Montana with Chief Mountain in the background

In August of 2023, members of the Wayfinders Circle were hosted graciously by the Blackfoot Confederacy on Blackfeet territory in Montana, USA.

Reconnecting with the Sacred: A Visit to the Blackfeet Ceremonial Summer Camp

View of the Blackfeet Ceremonial Summer Camp 2023

From July 19-25, 2023, Nia Tero’s Blackfeet Nation partners held their annual summer circle camp outside Browning, Montana. It is an important time of the year when the Blackfeet Nation comes together to renew their sacred connections to the world.

The Omen Birds Still Sing in Sungai Utik

Sungai Utik Indonesian Land Seedcast episode 16x9

“The land is our mother. The forest is our father. And the river is our blood.” Today we share a story of an Indigenous people who fought for their forest.

Tuhaymani’chi Pal Waniqa (The Water Flows Always) in the Mojave Desert

Tuhaymani’chi Pal Waniqa (The Water Flows Always) follows a Cahuilla, Cupeño father and daughter attempting to reconnect in a journey through their Indigenous roots in the ancient springs of the Mojave Desert. Presented by The Wayfinders Circle alliance.

Meet the Gabbra People of East Africa Pt 2: How Connection to Creator, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sun, and More Guide Gabbra Knowledge

Gabbra people loading camel.

In the second episode in our two-part Gabbra series, hear songs of celebration and how the Gabbra people stay in close and constant dialogue with each other, exchanging ancestral wisdom as they pass on their traditions and revitalize their knowledge.